Has flaky dandruff and oily scalp ever been your biggest problem?

We all know a problematic scalp can be an embarrassing and tricky problem that might affect your daily life.

Avoiding dark clothes, shampoo your hair twice a day, and avoiding outdoor activities were unnecessary. Everyone deserves to live their day without having to worry about dandruff problems.



What’s good about MIZHISU Anti-Dandruff Shampoo?

The shampoo is formulated with oil control and anti-dandruff properties to give you a fresh and soothing effect on your scalp. Meanwhile, it helps provide new keratin, restore fragile hair, restore/balance the sebaceous glands, and protect your scalp from dandruff bacteria.


What does this shampoo contain?

The shampoo is enriched mainly with organic compounds derived from coconut oil, glycerine, honey locust extract, and hydrolysed silk protein. Coconut oil and glycerine will moisturize your hair and scalp. The honey locust extract does excellent work to protect your scalp while removing the impurities. Hydrolysed silk protein helps to provide new keratin and restore fragile hair. And the pH level is ranged 5.8 – 6.7, as the best pH level for shampoo is between 5 and 7. Water and alkaline-based hair products will cause the cuticles in your hair to open, exposing the interior of your hair shafts.

Slightly acidic shampoo will close the cuticle to protect it from harmful elements and help hair shaft retain moisture.



How should it be applied?

Apply our MIZHISU Anti-Dandruff Shampoo by these few simple steps below. Wet your hair! Then,

• Lather a quarter size amount of shampoo in your palms,
• Apply it to your hair roots and massage gently to stimulate the scalp and remove hair impurities. 

*Remember to rinse it thoroughly! We recommend you apply three times a week for our anti- dandruff shampoo with conjunction with our multi-effect nourishing shampoo.


Why do we love it?

We love our MIZHISU Anti-Dandruff Shampoo as it helps to moisturize and revitalize the scalp, gently control excessive oil control, and balanced pH to protect and nurture the scalp and hair.

Heal your scalp with MIZHISU Anti-Dandruff Shampoo now !