Introducing Mizhisu

Introducing MIZHISU

Everyday, we lose vital nutrients which we obtain from; they are preserved in our natural beauty and physical state. As for our hair and body care routine, the answer lies within the botanical ingredients.

MIZHISU products are relevant and significant to the current beauty routine scene as the new generation's focus leans towards natural and organic products.

Drawing inspiration from the ocean, sun, earth, and atmosphere, MIZHISU was created to transform your hair, body, and skin with the highest quality ingredients. Thus, our derived brand name, MI – Extraction, ZHI – Mother Nature, and SU – Energy, focus on extracting natural energy, has become the potential of our product quality.

The organic plant extracts, such as coconut oil, avocado, and lemon citrus essence, contain active molecules that can work wonders, from boosting antioxidants to anti-dandruff.

Over the years, we achieved three momentous breakthroughs;
First, our products' plant-derived compound purity is superior;
Second, we optimized the care procedure to keep hair healthy for a longer time; and Third, we optimize the efficacy and satisfaction of various products on different hair and skin issues.

"Green, healthy, and natural" has always been MIZHISU direction since formation, and we always take into account "user-friendly and efficacy" in our product innovation, research, and development. Our products focus on the following three sections:-



Hair Care

Our shampoo can effectively remove impurities and revitalizing the scalp. It contains natural hydrolyzed silk protein that can provide new keratin to restore fragile hair. Meanwhile, our hair mask product contains avocado and coconut oil essence as a moisturizer that revitalizes the scalp.



Body Care

Our body wash contains herbs like comfrey and Asiatic wormwood extractions. We are proud to say that our organic plant-based products help with folliculitis and small rashes on the body skin. It is the nutrients and vitamins that could do incredible benefits for our body care.



Skin Care

Yearning to give your skin a break and prolong its healthiness and moisture? MIZHISU skincare grants your wishes. Our skincare includes Myrothamnus Flabellifolia extract that provides instant nourishment and comfort. It also improves initial moisture in the skin with a supple and smooth touch. Other ingredients, likeChamomilla Recutita flower extract, includes natural antiseptic properties that treats infected blemishes, while it possesses antimicrobial and antibacterial action.