Makeup is not only a trend but has been popular for hundreds of years. To advocate a new and healthy lifestyle, Mizhisu has been devoted to research the healthy development of beauty.

In today’s society, extreme phenomena still exist when it comes to having to wear makeup. Although a lot of teens, regardless of boys or girls, had started buying their makeup products at a very young age, there are still a lot of people who choose to not wear makeup because of the misconception. One of the infamous misconceptions is about how wearing makeup will damage your skin. But with Mizhisu, this is not the case!

For Mizhisu, makeup is the part of the session where you nourish and cover your skin!

We have released these 4 cosmetic products, which can be separated into two sections, the lip products and the face products.


For the lips, there is our lipstick and lip balm. Before applying your lipstick, it is important to exfoliate and hydrate your lips! This basic step will also make the lip colour stay up longer and minimise the peeling of our lips.  To perfect healthy lips, first, apply our Mizhisu lip balm! 

Our lip balm has the function of both, it will gently moisturize and exfoliate your lips.
The final step, apply lipstick!

After the use of lip balm, applying lipstick is not a hassle! This satin- textured lipstick will glide easily on the smooth surface, the strong pigmentation will cover up any pale and dark lips to enhance your original complexion. After these two crucial steps, you are done with perfect lips!    



For our face, laying the foundation is the key to perfect makeup. Building a base that will hold on to your face is simple with our product!

After your skincare routine, remember to add on our Mizhisu Cinery Sunscreen (SPF45 PA+++)! It’s packed with luxurious plant extraction that will replenish your skin. This moisturizing sunscreen also allows you to layer your makeup on top without taking away the moisture from your skin. Next, apply Mizhisu air cushion!

Mizhisu air cushion covers up your flaws, and colour corrects your natural skin tone. It’s convenient and easy to use with the puff! With its moisturizing properties, it means double moisturizing with the use of sunscreen, you wouldn’t need to worry about the cakey makeup anymore. We believe makeup shouldn’t make you feel the burden, but to make you feel confident and be healthy at the same time.