Mizhisu Multi Effect Hair Shampoo


The multi-effect essence penetrates to the hair core, giving a gentle cleanse while helping strengthen and repair damaged hair and follicles with the power of plants, leaving you with softer visibly smoother hair.

1. Clean scalp residues.
2. Gentle cleansing while nourishing the scalp (no irritation).
3. Effectively make oils scalp refreshing and not greasy.
4. Purify hair follicles and provide a good growth environment.
5. Enhance hair gloss.
6. Repair damaged hair.


After moistening the hair, squeeze about 50sen (depending on the length of the hair) into the palm, add a little water to foam, and then apply to the wet hair, massage the head with fingertips, and finally rinse with water.

(For those who are prone to oily scalp, it is recommended to repeat the wash twice to cleanse the scalp oil)

- Coconut oil: contains fatty acids, softens hair, nourishes the scalp, and relieves the symptoms of dandruff. It also has a bactericidal effect.

- Wheat: rich in protein, minerals, and vitamin A. Provides the scalp with the nutrients it needs.

- Silk protein: natural polymer fibrin extracted from silk, containing 18 kinds of amino acids. Activate skin cells, improve microcirculation, help repair damaged skin tissues, and effectively resist external pollution. Maintain scalp pH balance.

- Sodium Hyaluronate: (Hyaluronic acid) keeps hair moisture, penetrates hair strands, and strengthens hair roots.

- Seaweed: Nourish the scalp without drying, stimulate hair follicles to make hair grow, provide moisture to the hair, and make the hair shiny!

- Ginseng: Supply the essence of ginseng to the scalp, care for the scalp, inhibit dandruff, promote hair growth, and relieve hair loss. Improve hair strength

- Dendrobium officinale: repair damaged skin, discharge toxins and waste, and relieve scalp inflammation. (Folliculitis, scalp redness and swelling)

- Polygonatum Odoratum: Extract natural active essence of Polygonatum Odoratum, balance sebum secretion, go deep into the scalp layer and inhibit scalp infection.

- Avocado: Avocado is a natural antioxidant, rich in glyceric acid, protein, vitamins, vitamins, calcium, potassium, magnesium, and sodium. Prevent hair follicles from aging.

**For improvement: folliculitis, repair, dryness, hair loss.


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Good packaging with air wraps. Items received in good condition without any leakages


很好闻,,头发不痒。控油效果也好, 平衡油脂,价格比较实惠,跟护发素搭配着使用真的是完美。味道香香的,洗完头发也挺顺滑的,卖家服务态度好。





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