Mizhisu Laundry Detergent

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The 6 times concentrated laundry essence is an environmentally friendly formula that saves the amount of use and effectively removes stains. It cleans more thoroughly for dirt, mud, grass stains, and food sauces, and reduces the re-deposition of stains. The laundry essence allows you to wear new clothes every day.

6 times concentrated formula, eco-friendly and less dosage
6 times concentrated 1 bottle = 3 bottles



1. Quickly remove stains and clean
- Go deep into the fiber, dissolve a variety of stubborn stains, oil stains, sauces, etc., making clothes clean from the inside to the outside as new.

2. Soft as new, protective clothing and color
- Fiber protection factor, deep inside the tissue fiber to protect the clothes, prevent the clothes from hardening, old and yellow.

3. No addition, safe use
- No added fluorescent brightener, gentle and skin-friendly, can protect clothes and hands.

4. Long lasting fragrance, fragrance experience
- Clean and tidy clothes exude a touch of natural freshness, long-lasting fragrance technology, effectively remove odours.


Pour 15ml of laundry essence into the washing machine and increase the dosage according to the amount of clothes and the degree of dirtiness. The laundry essence is suitable for various water temperatures, and the cleaning effect is better according to the highest water temperature recommended on the clothes washing label.

Water, biodegradable (anionic surfactants, enzymes, glycerin), etc.

Applicable products: suitable for underwear, cotton, linen, wool, silk, wool and other water-resistant laundry.


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